Has the New Social Value Model Changed Procurement?

25th March

In January, Procurement Policy Note (PPN) 06/20came into effect, requiring central government departments to evaluate social value when awarding contracts instead of merely considering it. Evaluating the broader benefit to the c ...
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Getting Your House in Order - Why Having Procurement Software is Important

2nd February

Procurement departments are facing unprecedented pressure to reduce costs while still adding value to their organisations, and the housing sector is no exception. For housing, the pressure is compounded by the bad publicity from h ...
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Salesforce Webinar: How a Single eCommercial System will benefit the NHS

7th January

Click here to watch on demand.This webinar will be particularly relevant for ICS, Trust and CCG leadership teams, as well as finance and procurement professionals working in the NHS.In 2019 the Department of Health and Social Care ...
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5 Benefits of Having a Preferred Supplier List

3rd December 2020

Managing your suppliers effectively is essential to any business. Procurement and your business overall need to understand whether your suppliers are delivering the services agreed in the contract. Knowing which suppliers you ar ...
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5 Ways To Align Your Procurement Strategy With Your Company Culture

19th November 2020

There is a broad understanding that procurement must be aligned with organisational strategy. If your organisation is in a growth phase, a procurement strategy based on reducing costs is not going to be welcomed or support overa ...
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The Differences Between Public and Private Sector Procurement

10th November 2020

Procuring goods and services is necessary for all businesses, but the way it’s done in the public sector can differ significantly from the private sector. Much of this may come down to their contrasting natures.  Public secto ...
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Adapt to Succeed- Supply Management article

28th October 2020

This article was pubished on the Supply Management Insider website on 26th October 2020.  Seize this time of rapid change to make the business case for vital technology to ensure organisations not only survive but flourish beyond ...
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Getting the Most From Procurement in the Not for Profit Sector

22nd October 2020

The impact of COVID-19 on the not for profit sector has been immense. Take charities, for example. Research carried out by the Institute of Fundraising UK found 72% of charities have experienced an increased demand for their ser ...
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After Covid-19: Resilience and Your Supply Chain Strategy

13th August 2020

Over the years, procurement has worked hard to refine and deliver efficient, streamlined strategies and accompanying processes. Thanks to sustained economic growth, businesses have been able to make supply chains lean and cost-e ...
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Procurement Best Practice: Lessons Learnt from Covid-19

23rd June 2020

The global pandemic has meant we have had to respond swiftly to unprecedented challenges. Procurement has found itself under the spotlight as companies have had to adapt their working practices while reducing costs. Previously t ...
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