After Covid-19: Resilience and Your Supply Chain Strategy

13th August

Over the years, procurement has worked hard to refine and deliver efficient, streamlined strategies and accompanying processes. Thanks to sustained economic growth, businesses have been able to make supply chains lean and cost-e ...
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Procurement Best Practice: Lessons Learnt from Covid-19

23rd June

The global pandemic has meant we have had to respond swiftly to unprecedented challenges. Procurement has found itself under the spotlight as companies have had to adapt their working practices while reducing costs. Previously t ...
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Buying time - how to make your tender process faster and more effective

19th May

Organisations responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by cutting back on procurement activity are in danger of creating long-term set-backs. Goods and services are procured in order to make organisations function better so getting y ...
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Atamis delivers SRM for the DHSC two months ahead of schedule

13th May

As part of our work with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) to implement a single eCommercial System across DHSC, its Arms Length Bodies and NHS trusts that wish to onboard, we have brought forward the activation of ...
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How to use Supply Market Intelligence Data to improve your Procurement

27th April

Accurate and relevant data has become an essential asset for all business departments, including procurement. Procurement professionals need market intelligence to make informed procurement decisions. However, the collection of ...
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Managing the Devastating Effect of Coronavirus on the Supply Chain

16th March

The effect of coronavirus on the supply of goods and services is a trending news topic around the world. In the UK, we’re only starting to feel the full impact of the pathogen. But like other countries, school closures, bans on ...
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Atamis's new e-signature function boosts security and productivity

11th March

In its Spring 2020 software release, Atamis has added DocuSign’s powerful e-signature functionality to its procurement solution. DocuSign can shorten contract preparation times, enhance security and save money on postage costs. ...
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Atamis users get improved insights into supplier financial data

6th March

Atamis’s latest software release allows users to access current and historic supplier financial performance data through the Atamis platform. Users will gain unprecedented insights into the financial stability of potential an ...
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Compliance and Risk in the Utilities sector- 5 trends to look out for

12th February

Operating in the utilities sector is becoming increasingly complex. Political, environmental and social factors all play a part in a shifting landscape where compliance and risk are moving up the agenda on boardroom tables. Risk ...
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Supplier Relationship Management- Top Tips for Building Good Relationships

4th February

Supplier Relationship Management—Top Tips for Building Good Relationships As any good procurement manager knows, procurement doesn’t end when the contract for the required goods or services is signed. Managing your supply ch ...
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