Atamis SRM:

Supplier Relationship Management

Atamis SRM puts you firmly in control of your key supplier relationships, helping you to maximise your team’s productivity, and minimise supply-side risk. By maintaining all of your supplier information in one place you will save time and eliminate errors and inefficiencies caused by pulling information from multiple sources.

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Risk Management
Atamis SRM enables you to profile and segment your suppliers using risk criteria that reflect your particular line of business. These profiles dictate approval processes and generate mandated periodic tasks - enforcing procedural discipline while also saving time and effort.

Contract KPIs 
You can create KPI schedules for contracted suppliers and give access to your suppliers via the Supplier Portal to enter their own routine service levels. Scores and exception reports are automatically brought to your attention. Service credits can be applied to KPIs and even linked to monthly payment transactions to calculate penalties/incentives.

Document Management 
All supplier documentation can be maintained securely in Atamis with version control, download history, fast search, user access control, encryption and document preview. Or if you have your own document management system, you can simply hyperlink through.

Maximise your team’s productivity and minimise your supply-side risk with Atamis SRM.

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