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Spend Analysis

Atamis SA (also known as ProSpend) provides a secure web-based interface to improve visibility of your direct and indirect third-party expenditure – the essential first step to improving procurement operations.

Spend data is automatically loaded and classified, and pre-configured reports and dashboards are automatically generated and even emailed to you – leaving you to concentrate on implementing the procurement decisions that will make a difference to your organisation's bottom line. Full drill-down capability is provided to invoice line-level data that will easily enable you to identify anomalous spend behaviour and identify savings opportunities.

Atamis will classify your spend to your chosen taxonomy but ultimately you have control yourself: You can fine tune your classification with simple spend mapping rules based on terms commonly used in your transactions.

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Atamis SA is used by over 150 public and private sector organisations in the UK. Our clients say the main reasons for choosing Atamis SA are:

  • It hands you control of your own spend classification via powerful mapping rules
  • It accurately aligns spend data with contracts to highlight contract usage and compliance
  • It accommodates custom requirements without incurring consultancy fees
  • There’s a very helpful and attentive support team

Atamis SA gives you all the information you need to set your procurement strategy, fully up-to-date and available via any internet-connected PC or mobile device at any time.

There’s also a full range of services for enriching your spend data including dependency risk, SME, third sector and geographical analysis. Please see Data Services for further details.

For further information please see Features and Benefits , or download the Atamis SA Brochure .
For a no-obligation 30-minute on-line demonstration at your desk, please email stating your preferred date and time.

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