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Pipeline Management

To operate successfully, a procurement function needs to plan its activity to align with, and be responsive to, its corporate objectives. It needs to deliver procurement projects and manage contracts against agreed criteria.

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Atamis PM allows you conduct all pre-procurement planning activity including:

  • Business Case / Project approval
  • Pre-procurement design considerations
  • Savings and benefits planning
  • Annual budget planning
  • Workforce resource scheduling by grade
  • Procurement pipeline planning
  • Department-level resource forecasts vs capacity

Atamis PM provides fully configurable approval workflows for project requests and resource forecasts to help you plan your pipeline. It provides the key link between procurement and departmental customers by assimilating dependencies between strategic programmes and commercial activity. With this key linkage, project requestors have visibility of contracts they depend on (and crucially when they expire), and procurement and contract managers have visibility of the wider corporate impact of their contracts.

Supported by all the collaboration tools you would expect – document sharing, task and event tracking and even a corporate social network – procurement functions gain a higher profile, while the whole senior management team gains greater transparency over resource demands and capacity.

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