Atamis Licences

Atamis is a cost-effective solution for both private and public sector organisations with very low initial outlay for small numbers of users. There are two elements to the pricing: User Licences (shown below) and a Management Charge which covers all data services, support, training and basic configuration options. For clients requiring significant levels of customisation, quotes can be provided based on an hourly rate. Indicative costs for the total cost of ownership including typical starter-level user licences and Management Charges are provided in the Secure Area .

Licence Types
£ p.a. per user

Standard User

Enhanced User

Advanced User

User £250

Any one from: SA, PM, TM, CM, SRM, IP and full read-only*

Create and share custom reports & charts

Full search facility

Pre-Configured Home Page

Spend Analysis Quick Reference Demo

User Guide, Training Exercises & Video Tutorials

Roadmap to Savings Guide

Any two from SA, PM, TM, CM, SRM, IP and full read-only*

Create/edit List Views

Organise report sharing

Create dashboards

Create tasks/events and use calendars

Attach documents

Any  three  from SA, PM, TM, CM, SRM, IP and full read-only*

System Mapping Rules

Create and share report/dashboard folders

Full access to all Modules

Mobile App

Cost Centre Restructuring Tool

User, Supplier Portal & Library Content Administration (Sys Admin training required)

Configuration Options e.g. add fields, change page layouts (Sys Admin training required)

* Module Definitions

SA - Spend Analysis: Full visibility of Expenditure data with approx. 200 standard reports and dashboards, full reporting capability (drill-down, customise, advanced report builder, export, create charts and save/share reports), Spend Mapping Tool using supplier default and custom mapping rules, Supplier De-duplication Tool, Contract Register and Contract Compliance Rules for allocating spend to contracts. This module also gives users access to the Supplier and Contract Standard Page Layouts with instant report generators, Companies House data integration and supplier size (SME), turnover, dependency risk and location.

PM - Programme Management: Central register of all corporate strategic initiatives, programmes and projects, Business Case approval, Pre-procurement design considerations, Savings and benefits planning, Procurement/Commissioning approval, Annual budget planning, Workforce resource scheduling by grade including use of Project Stages and Resource Requirements, Procurement pipeline planning, Department-level resource planned vs capacity, Document Management, Procurement and Contract associations/dependencies, Custom report and dashboard builder, Full audit trail

TM - Tender Management: Procurement project management via Project Page Layout including manage suppliers bidding and shortlists, Activity Management, Workflow for RFx, ITT, etc., calendar-based resource planning, contract approval workflow, custom fields, full audit trail, auto-create contract record, document repository, supplier portal for secure sharing of supplier profiles and documents (also requires Portal Licences)

CM - Contract Management: Corporate Contract Register via Enhanced Contract Page Layout including multiple Contract Types, Parent/Child relationships, Activity Management, Workflow and Scheduling, Document Management (full version control option), Risk Impact Assessment, Risk Register, Contract KPIs (also requires SRM module access), Contract Savings, Variation/Extension/CCN Orders, Advanced Contract Compliance Rules, on-/off-contract spend visibility, procurement procedure compliance, CSR/Social Value, Contract Integration Email Service, custom fields and page layouts, data segregation options to restrict visibility by area, full audit trail.

SRM - Supplier Relationship Management: Enhanced Supplier Page Layout including Contact & Activity Management, Workflow and Scheduling, Document Management, Contract KPIs (also requires CM module access), supplier procedure compliance tracking and risk segmentation, supplier spend visibility, custom classifications, supply chain builder tool (secondary suppliers), innovation management, supplier portal for secure sharing of supplier profiles and documents (also requires Portal Licences), and full audit trail. This module also provides access for Local Authority clients to Local/SME analysis tools and to the Care Quality and Local Potential services.

IP - Integration Pack: Facilitates access to integration options with Purchase Ordering, Catalogue Management and Finance Management Systems.

Supplier Portal licences details are available on request on both a 'per member' and a logins/month basis and are dependent on volumes.

Each user licence is for a 12 month period from the date it is activated. Licences are for named users not concurrent access but can be transfered to other users at any time. Licence upgrades are permitted at any time (e.g. an uplift from Enhanced Licence to Advanced Licence would be £50 per user p.a.). The above prices apply for all new contracts started after 1 Jan 2015.

For UK public sector organisations, all Atamis modules are available for purchase via the Digital Marketplace (G-Cloud 8 and 9).

Atamis Licences and Services are provided under our Standard Terms and Conditions .

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