Tender Management Benefits

To remain competitive in today's business world, your organisation must control costs and maximise revenue. It's essential that new suppliers you engage can deliver the service you require and offer best value. To do this, you need an effective tender management system in place. While a manual process could achieve the same results, a digital system can deal with more volume and reduce the time and paperwork involved.

A tender management process controls the planning for and selection of suppliers for an organisation. It will:

·       manage information needed to issue a tender

·       deal with the administration of issuing and receiving tenders

·       create the content and structure of bid submissions

·       automatically advise bidders of submission timeframes and send reminders

·       supply an audit trail of all records, amendments and communications

·       provide a central repository for documentation


The benefits of tender management

Reduces the length of the tender process

Traditional procurement was often a lengthy process. Activities such as circulating documents for review, chasing for sign off and dealing with PPQ documentation for the public sector were time-consuming.

Using an e-sourcing solution significantly reduces the time it takes to carry out these tasks. The system automatically distributes and chases for documentation. The creation of template forms cuts down on drafting times. Templates also ensure potential suppliers return the correct information so you can evaluate responses more effectively. Standard guidelines reduce the time spent by your procurement team providing guidance to suppliers.

Minimises costs

Tender management saves costs in several ways. A shorter tender cycle equates to lower overheads as you spend less time managing the process. Digital distribution of documents saves on printing and postage costs. Your team will deal with more procurement projects and activity with the same resource you would use for a manual process.

Ensures consistency

Tender management establishes procedural compliance across all tendering activity. All bidders can access the same documentation and information in the same place. They will also receive automatic updates about any amendments to the tender and the progress of their submission.

An e-procurement system will keep a full audit trail of documents, updates, changes, communications and any action taken. You can refer back to the audit trail if there are queries or when your procurement department undergoes an audit.

Improves operational efficiency

Effective tender management frees you up to concentrate on strategic sourcing and decision making, as the process streamlines and deals with administrative tasks automatically. Your procurement team won’t have to deal with so many queries from potential suppliers. The information about the tender will be available for them through an online portal. A digital system also reduces the time needed to prepare and distribute documents.

Enhances communication

E-sourcing uses an alerts system to communicate with parties to the tender process. It sends automatic alerts to potential suppliers, updating them about their tenders, asking them for more information and advising when deadlines are due. Internally, the system allocates tasks to team members, updates departments on progress and sends approval sign-offs to the relevant senior manager. The tender process becomes transparent. Parties can see where they are in the process and next steps.

Why use the Atamis Tender Management procurement solution?

Atamis Tender Management brings consistency across all tendering activity. It also provides clear lines of accountability for all parties. Moreover, it saves procurement team members and departmental buyers considerable time and effort when administering the tendering process.

Flexibility: they can adapt our tender management solution so that it transforms a typically rigid process to meet your business requirements.

Saves time: Atamis Tender Management cuts the time spent on procurement administration substantially without compromising on procedural discipline.

Avoids risky purchase decisions: the system guides business departments through the process, highlighting key areas for consideration and establishing requirements to include in tender documentation.

Centralised supplier access: you will engage with all suppliers through an online portal which records communications.

Increases efficiency and accuracy: automated workflow streamlines the tender process, removes the opportunity for human error and ensures contracts are approved correctly.

“Before we implemented Atamis, there was talk of hiring two or even three additional staff just to cover the administration of supplier due diligence questionnaires. I suggested to the board that we could instead adapt our CMS to do this for us. It's worked so smoothly – it has saved us a huge amount of time internally, but also suppliers are happy because the system auto-fills their due diligence answers on any e-tenders they respond to. I'm confident Atamis will deliver what we need it to for many years to come.”


Gareth Burch, Head of Group Procurement Manager for Admiral Group plc

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