Data Services

Atamis provides a range of data enrichment services which will be applied to your project based on your specific requirements.

Data Cleaning and Loading

Every spend file we handle is automatically processed through the Atamiser data cleaning processes to rectify anomalous formatting and ensure that all your Atamis data has a consistent and clean appearance.

Spend Classification

Atamis provides a Supplier Classification service as a standard when implementing Atamis. We process high levels of spend with extremely high accuracy. We can classify to highly granular taxonmies such as UNSPSC, but also to simpler category structures using either the comprehensive 6-tier Atamiser Rules engine, or using web-spider intelligence-based services. With both approaches, each supplier’s spend can be classified to one or more categories, providing a very high level of accuracy. Our classification services also generate mapping rules which allow you to refine your own spend classification easily at any time. Rules are applied automatically, so there’s no manual intervention required at each routine data load.

Supplier De-Duplication

At each spend data load, Atamis can identify and flag duplicate suppliers in your data to consolidate reporting, using fuzzy matching algorithms and/or matching against Companies House data.

SMEs and VCS Suppliers

Where required, Atamis uses latest Companies House data on employees, turnover and net assets to classify suppliers as Micro, Small, Medium or Large. We can also identify Third Party or VCS suppliers. Atamis operates a Atamis Community for public sector clients which ensures that the manual changes made by Atamis users to SME and VCS classifications for small suppliers (not registered at Companies House) are shared with other particpating clients.

Local Suppliers

Geographical distribution of supply base can be analysed in Atamis. We use the latest ONS Post Code database to identify Region, Local Authority and Ward. For Local Authorities we apply a custom definition of ‘Local’ which can be refined by Atamis users where only a proportion of a supplier’s spend is placed locally.


Using a database of around 100,000 common first and last names, we can flag suppliers who appear to be invidiviuals, as opposed to sole traders, and can optionally redact personal details.

Credit Ratings

Through partner organisations Atamis is able to provide credit ratings for your key suppliers, updated automatically into Atamis on a regular basis. Please contact for further details.

Contract Loading and Matching

If you’re using an external contract register we can provide regular updates to contracts in Atamis using a variety of methods. We are also able to match up supplier names for you (between your contract register and your spend data) using fuzzy matching algorithms.


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