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Contract Management

Atamis CM is the Contract Management System at the heart of our end-to-end procurement solution. If you’re using spreadsheets and emails to maintain contracts, or looking to eliminate errors and improve efficiency, then Atamis CM will help you centralise your contract register and provide a platform for greater productivity.

Many of our clients adopted this module as their first step towards achieving a dramatic procurement transformation.

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Atamis CM will help you get more from your procurement function, and also improve your corporate compliance by:

  • risk-profiling and segmenting contracts
  • auto-scheduling periodic tasks
  • authoring, obtaining e-signatures and sharing contract documentation
  • generating renewal alerts
  • measuring savings
  • tracking CSR/social value

And because your contracts share the same platform as your supplier and spend data you’ll also be able to monitor:

  • contract usage, including alerts to avoid over-usage
  • compliance with procurement thresholds
  • supplier KPIs and service levels on key contracts
  • contract risk (quadrant analysis)

Atamis CM provides a highly professional front for a procurement function that will promote corporate awareness of your key contracts, and enforce supply-side contractual procedures and corporate mandates. It also saves users time and effort in locating and updating critical contract information and documentation, encourages contract adoption and eliminates all the risks, errors and inefficiencies associated with extracting, manipulating and emailing data from multiple sources.

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