What are the benefits of Spend Analysis?

  • Increases visibility of spend
  • Identifies cash-releasing savings opportunities
  • Provides a single organisation-wide source of spend data
  • Supports strategic procurement decision-making
  • Identifies inefficient and maverick purchasing

What are the benefits of using a specialist provider?

  • Automated approach saves considerable time over internally generated reports
  • Ensures accuracy and consistency with recognised industry methods
  • Leverages economies of scale for supplier data enrichment services
  • Enables benchmarking of KPIs across similar organisations
  • Allows procurement and finance managers to focus on strategic and operational issues
  • Gives free upgrades of reports and features from a wide user-base
  • Gets you set up rapidly

What sets Atamis apart from other solutions?

  • It reports on all aspects of procurement performance, not just spend analysis
  • It's extremely flexible and can accommodate a wide range of custom requirements
  • It enables you, as an end-user, to re-classify your own spend quickly
  • It has a very sophisticated method of establishing which contracts your transactions were purchased under
  • It's generally available at a lower cost
  • Spend is loaded, classified and enriched regularly throughout the year, not just annually

Atamis has experience of 100 successful implementations for clients ranging from £1m to £4bn annual procurement spend.

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