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Atamis is a leading provider of Spend Analysis and Contract Management solutions in the UK. Our software enables organisations to realise savings opportunities and manage supply-side risk.

We make the information needed to support procurement operations throughout your contract lifecycle immediate, accurate and effortless to access.

Atamis 3.0 generates dynamic dashboards that summarise procurement performance -including spend analysis, supplier risk, contract compliance, supplier performance and other KPIs - via the simplest and easiest of user interfaces.

Analysing third-party spend data has been proven by best-in-class procurement functions to be an essential first step to realising cost savings. Such critical decision making requires instant information - and not just for spend data: information on contract usage, compliance and renewal, and on supplier performance and risk are equally essential. Labour-intensive spreadsheets that pull data from multiple sources merely divert resources from productive tasks.

Take a look at Atamis for your Spend Analytics, Contract Management and SRM - it will save you time, and it will save you money. Around 150 clients are now using us in the UK, making it the fastest-growing product in the market.

Latest News

The Atamis annual Public Sector User Group Forum will take place on Weds 24th May 2017 in Sheffield. Please hold the date and contact us for advanced bookings.

Feb '17:
The Home Office approves its Pilot with Atamis for a Contract Management and Procurement Planning Tool and commences a full roll-out...

Jan '17:

Atamis awarded 4 year contract for Oxfordshire County Council. eCMS to encompass Atamis CM, SRM & SA modules...

Nov '16:

Over 200 organisations tune into the CIPS webinar "CMS: Understand and Control the Risks" hosted by Atamis.

Sep '16:
We're pleased to annouce we'll be sponsoring the CIPS Annual Conference on 20 October at the QEII Centre in London

Atamis is a leading provider of Spend Analysis & Contract Management solutions in the UK.

News Items

May '16:
Atamis Public Sector User Group Forum on 25 May...

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