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Atamis is a leading provider of Spend Analysis and Contract Management solutions in the UK. Our software enables organisations to realise savings opportunities and manage supply-side risk.

We make the information needed to support procurement operations throughout your contract lifecycle immediate, accurate and effortless to access.

Atamis 3.0 generates dynamic dashboards that summarise procurement performance -including spend analysis, supplier risk, contract compliance, supplier performance and other KPIs - via the simplest and easiest of user interfaces.

Analysing third-party spend data has been proven by best-in-class procurement functions to be an essential first step to realising cost savings. Such critical decision making requires instant information - and not just for spend data: information on contract usage, compliance and renewal, and on supplier performance and risk are equally essential. Labour-intensive spreadsheets that pull data from multiple sources merely divert resources from productive tasks.

Take a look at Atamis for your Spend Analytics, Contract Management and SRM - it will save you time, and it will save you money. Around 150 clients are now using us in the UK, making it the fastest-growing product in the market.

Latest News

Jan '17:
Atamis awarded 4 year contract for Oxfordshire County Council. eCMS to encompass Atamis CM, SRM & SA modules...

Nov '16:
Over 200 organisations tune into the CIPS webinar "CMS: Understand and Control the Risks" hosted by Atamis.

Sep '16:
We're pleased to annouce we'll be sponsoring the CIPS Annual Conference on 20 October at the QEII Centre in London

Atamis is a leading provider of Spend Analysis & Contract Management solutions in the UK.

News Items

May '16:
Atamis Public Sector User Group Forum on 25 May...

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